Carlton Miniott Primary School, Thirsk


North Yorkshire County Council’s admission policy allows schools to admit in September any child who will be five during the academic year. It is the policy of the Governors of this school to admit at the beginning of the Autumn Term, all children who will be five during the school year.

We welcome children living outside the local area to the school but in the event of more applications being made than places available (27 in the coming year) the parents/carers of these children will need to apply to the Local Authority.

Admission Procedure

Parents/carers wishing to enrol their children for admission to this school are requested to write to the Headteacher or telephone the school secretary with the relevant details, well in advance of the child’s expected entry. The school requires parents/carers to complete an admissions form which is available from the Local Authority website

The Local Authority also requires all parents/carers of Reception children to complete a Parental Preference form regardless of whether or not they are resident in the school’s catchment area. Prospective parents/carers and children are warmly invited to make an appointment to visit the school.

Parents/carers of reception children will be invited to a meeting in school during the term before admission. Also during the half term prior to entry children are invited to spend two mornings in the Reception Class and join in the activities. During the preliminary visit parents/carers and children may sample a school meal. Where possible, the class teacher will visit children in their Nursery placements during the summer term before starting school.