Carlton Miniott Primary Academy, Thirsk

Our School Values


We want to encourage proud, independent and engaged learners who aim to be the best they can be.


We want the children to show resilience and have the confidence to 'have a go' without the fear of being wrong.


We place great emphasis on respecting ourselves, however different we may be, and celebrating our individuality.


We want our school family to be supportive, caring and fair towards others, setting an outstanding example for everyone to follow.


We believe in giving children as many opportunities both in and out of the classroom to becaome active, healthy and happy individuals.

Our School Aims

  • To provide a diverse and stimulating curriculum enabling all children to make good progress.
  • To encourage independence, resilience, confidence and good manners in our children.
  • To promote positive attitudes and empower the children to make the right choices now and in the future.
  • To develop the desire to be a healthy and active individual.
  • For the school family to work together and encourage each other to keep our school a special place.