Carlton Miniott Primary School, Thirsk

The Governors at Carlton Miniott Community Primary School

At Carlton Miniott we have a keen group of Governors who are part of the leadership of the school. The Governors meet twice a term as a full Governing Body. There are a number of parents on the Governing Body and elections are held when there is a vacancy for a Parent Governor. Any parent or carer may apply to be a Parent Governor.

School Governors
Our Governing body has recently been reconsitituted and is now made up of ten Governors. The Chair of our School Governors is Mr C.Dale and the Vice Chair is Mr.N.Hall. 
Core Governors                 

Parent Governors  
Appointed by parent ballot                                              
                                  Mr Chris Dale (Chair)       Start date   17/11/16   Term of office ends 1711/20
                                  Mrs Joanne Carver           Start date   18/5/17     Term of office ends 18/5/21
                                  Mr Paul Turner                 Start date   8/11/17     Term of office ends 8/11/21 

Local Authority Governor 
Appointed by the Local Authority
                                   Mrs Alison Flouri         Start date 01/09/13      Term of office ends 31/8/17
                                   (Mrs Flouri is also a teacher at Hipswell C. of E. Primary School)

Staff Governor
Appointed by the school staff
                                    Mrs Lorna Mallett       Start date 17/11/16         Term of office ends 1711/20

Headteacher                  Mr Steve Crocker
Co-opted Governors
Appointed by the Governing Body

                                      Major William Bailey  Start date 6/9/17           Term of office ends 6/9/21
                                      Mrs Pat Almond         Start date 16/3/17         Term of office ends 16/3/21
                                      Mrs Elizabeth Foster   Start date 16/3/17         Term of office ends 16/3/21
                                      Mrs Anita Amesbury   Start date 16/3/17         Term of office ends 16/3/21



Clerk to the Governors            
                                             Mrs Susan Nicholson

Click here to see the list of Link Governors and those with specific responsibilities.

Click here to view the Governors Code of Conduct.

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Governor Attendance at meetings

Name /   Date 22/09/2016 17/11/16  16/2/17  16/3/17  18/5/17  6/7/17  6/9/17 17/10/17 8/11/17 10/1/18
Mr Steve Crocker (Head) Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs Alison Flouri Y Y A Y Y
Mrs Anita Amesbury Y  Y A A A A
Mrs Elizabeth Foster (Vice Chair) Y A Y Y Y
Mr Nick Hall Y Resigned      
Mr Paul Turner                   Y
Mr Chris Dale (Chair) Y Y Y Y Y
Major Mark Brett Y   A  Posted       
Major William Bailey              A Y A A
Mrs Pat   Almond Y  Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs Lorna Mallett    Y  Y  Y  Y  Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs Joanne Carver          Y  A A Y Y A
X= Absent no apologies                    

Minutes of Full Governor Body Meetings

Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
2015/16 Minutes Minutes Minutes Minutes Minutes  Minutes
2016/17 Minutes  Minutes Minutes Minutes  Minutes  Minutes

Year 6th Sept 17 Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March May June July
2017/18  Minutes  Minutes  Minutes