Carlton Miniott Primary School, Thirsk

The Curriculum at Carlton Miniott Community Primary School

Curriculum 2014

As of September 2014 the Government have introduced a new National Curriculum. At Carlton Miniott Primary School we have introduced a new curriculum which incorporates the new National Curriculum. Our themes are designed so that classes can work more collaboratively together and so for many of the subjects they run on a two year cycle where pairs of classes work together on a theme. Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural learning is woven through the curriculum with an emphasis on British Values. School visits and visitors into school are important to us to enrich the curriculum and so there will be a number of these during the year. Year 4 and Year 6 will also take part in a residential visit.

British Values display
Details of our Curriculum can be downloaded below. In 2016-17 we are working on Year A. Further information can be obtained on request to the Headteacher.

Topic Themes

English Curriculum Download
Maths Curriculum Download
PSHCE Curriculum Download

More detailed curriculum plans

Year 5/Year 6        


In Reception we will teach your child to read using phonics. This is where the children learn the sounds each letter makes and blend these together to make words. In school we use 'Letters and Sounds' as the basis of the progression of sounds we teach. We use 'Jolly Phonics' to teach the children actions that link to the sounds. This makes learning the sound easier for the children. We will send home reading books right from the start of Reception for you to read with your child. We use a range of different reading scheme books. These reading books are divided into bands of similar difficulty and the children can choose books from within a particular colour band. The teacher will move them to a harder colour band when they think they are ready. The children will move up through the colour bands until they are a very able reader. At this point they will then have free choice of a range of reading books in the KS2 library. Children from Y1 upwards will also have the opportunity to take a library book home each week from our school library.

With the introduction of the new curriculum there are also changes to the assessment system. For the Autumn and Spring terms we will still be assessing the progress of the children using the current systems of levels. In the summer term we will be starting to move across to the new system that involves year group expectations. Year 2 and Year 6 will continue to be assesed in levels, through teacher assessment and National Tests, until the start of the new academic year in September.
Download the Assesment Booklet that expains the changes we are making.

Download the new Year Group Objectives below.

Year 1 Year 4
Year 2 Year 5
Year 3 Year 6

National Tests 2016
The Government have produced an information leaflet about this years National Tests for children in Y2 and Y6. You can view this leaflet here.

Sex and Relationships Education

The Governors have now agreed the new Sex and Relationships Curriculum for our school. Below is the new policy and curriculm. There are website links to the videos that will be shown at Y5 and Y6.

Sex and Relationship Policy Reception Curriculum
Year 1 Curriculum Year 2 Curriculum
Year 3 Curriculum Year 4 Curriculum
Year 5 Curriculum Year 6 Curriculum
Busy Body resources