Carlton Miniott Primary Academy, Thirsk
School closes at 2.30pm on Friday 20th July.

Class R

This is the Greatest Class!
We finished off our year in Reception with a whole host of circus-themed activities inspired by our favourite film. 
Have a look at our video to see what super stars we are!

Welcome to Class R!

Mrs Mallett and Mrs Nuttall are your class teachers.
Mrs Thornton and Miss Costick are your teaching assistants.

Our doors open at 8:50am and
he children leave at 3:15pm.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage children learn through a balance of both teacher led and child initiated activities.  Everything we do is based on careful observations of the children so that we can tailor the learning environment and plan activities that are engaging, motivating and exciting.

This term we are learning about...

The Royal Wedding

We are learning about the royal family. 
We are preparing to hold our own wedding in church. 
Rev Simpson will officiate.

In the Spring term we learned about animals.
First, we learned about animals in winter.
Next we listened to the story of 'Dear Zoo' and  developed our computer skills by making a talking book. 
Finally we thought about our pets and how to take good care of them.  We were visited by Faye's puppy.

In the second half of the term we listened to lots of traditional tales, particularly stories with a Big Bad Wolf.  We visited Thirsk Library and spent our World Book Day tokens at the White Rose Book Shop.
We enjoyed a visit to Thorp Perrow-luckily there were no wolves hiding in the woods!

In the Autumn Term we learned about ourselves. 
We thought about how to stay safe and healthy, we learned about babies and about our feelings, friends and families.


Last summer we learned about...

Growing Plants

We enjoyed our visit to Henry's herb farm.

We learned about what seeds need to help them grow.  
herb farm

We also went on a bug hunt, looking for good bugs and bad bugs.

We grew and cared for plants in our greenhouse.  
We held a plant sale to raise money
for new classroom resources.

Our School Day

Register and choose our lunch.
Focus adult led activities and freeflow
between our outside area and the classroom

Snack time and story
Focus adult led activities and freeflow
between our outside area and the classroom
Guided reading

Focus adult led activities and freeflow
between our outside area and the classroom
Circle time/RE/Music/Parachute
Story and singing

PE is on a Tuesday.
This term we are practising games skills and
we are learning to co-operate and work as a team.
Swimming is on Thursdays,
starting on 10th May and finishing on 12th July.

Fresh Air Fridays!

Mrs Nuttall takes us to the school's outdoor wildlife area and we learn lots of fun things. Wellies and waterproofs are an essential!

We are learning to read and spell high frequency words.
Phase 2

I the no go to into
Phase 3
he she me we be you all they are her my was

More information and spelling games can be found at

Our maths 'Learn-its' are;
count aloud to 10
count objects to 5
1+1=2, 2+2=4
read numbers to 10

count 20 objects
doubles 3+3=6 4+4=8  5+5=10
find the total
take away
share fairly
count, read and order numbers to 20

say the number that is one more or one less
know doubles up to 5+5
count in 2s, 5s, 10s

Useful maths games can be found at