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School closes at 2.30pm on Friday 20th July.

Class 4


Welcome to Year 4

On Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th May Year 4 went to East Barnby. Please find below a brief 'blog' and a selection of photos from our time away!

Wednesday 9th May
Today's Lesson - 'Give a man fish, he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime...'

Well, we have arrived after a short bus journey and a quick stop to stretch our legs. East Barnby is amazing!

After we got off the bus we had time to go and visit our new dormatories and make our beds (or try to), we met the team and got our waterproofs and our wellies. We then hopped onto a mini bus and set off on our first adventure - Canoeing. 

We arrived at the river around 12pm; immediately started to unload the canoes and prepared for our journey down the River Esk. We tied our canoes together, ate lunch and practised rowing with a paddle (we later found out, this was much easier on the dry land than in the water - canoes don't always do what we think they will)!

Then... we launched! We jumped into the canoes and set off...some of us backwards, but we set off. After practising rowing and turning our canoes. We then set off down the river and had a fantastic time. We played games (Mr Armstrong and Mrs Ward won), paddled down the river, learnt about how the river changes with the tide and had a 'Splash War' (which Mr Armstrong and Mrs Ward won again)!

After around two or three hours on the water, we arrived at Whitby and packed up ready for our new home. We got back and spent some time in the dormatories, finished making our beds, showered and completed our unpacking.

Dinner was scrumptious! We have never eaten so much in our lives. Our menu consisted of;

Starters - Wedges and BBQ Sauce
Main Course - 'Spag Bol' with a side of Garlic Bread
Dessert - Chocolate Cake and Custard


Our evening activity was a 2 mile walk around East Barnby; with some beautiful scenery and hiliarious conversations, we all had an amazing time getting to know new things about each other. We got back around 8.30 to Mrs Ward's legendary hot chocolate and marshmallows (thank you, Riley) and had some birthday cake (Happy Birthday Mrs Ward!).

We headed back to our rooms and relaxed before bed by 10pm.

We've had such a great first day and can't wait for tomorrow!

Quotes of the day

Theo - I really liked the canoeing and when I went down the ridge in the canoe!
Summer - I really enjoyed the canoeing!
Sophie A - I loved the 'night walk' because we got to see some gorgeous horses and other animals.
Faye - I have enjoyed canoeing today because it was really fun making the rafts and I liked working together as a team in my canoe!
Max - Canoeing is so fun and I learnt it is really important to communicate to get the boat to go forward!
Samuel - I enjoyed the canoeing because I've never done it before and I had a really good time!
Bailey - The canoeing was so much fun because we got so wet and I almost fell out! I laughed so much!
Jamie - Canoeing is difficult. So difficult that I fell in the river! At first I was laughing...but then I got cold... I didn't do it again!
George DB - When we went off the ridge, the water splashed all over me. It was really funny! I laughed so much.
Callum - Today we went canoeing, it was so much fun. We went down the River Esk and then into Whitby Harbour. I got very wet because the canoe kept getting stuck so I had to get out and push the canoe back into the deeper water.

Thursday 10th May

Today's Lesson - 'Listening is Important...'

We were all obviously very tired as we all (near enough) slept through until 7am! After showers and a short fashion show in the girls' room (apparently it is very important what you wear for breakfast), we played games on the field until breakfast.

Well - we somehow managed to eat even more this morning! Breakfast was incredible! We had; cereal, toast, bacon, mushrooms and beans! The teachers even had seconds... Mr Armstrong may have had thirds!

After breakfast we got ready for a full day out together on the beach (Saltwick) and in the woods (Maybeck). We got in our minibuses and headed for the beach.

We arrived at the beach and had a fantastic time fossil hunting. We learnt about the different types of fossils and where best to find them. We played games on the beach and had a really good time! Due to the tide, we cut our time short and set off to the woods for dinner.

We arrived and, after dinner, went for a trek through the woods before making hot chocolate and warming marshmallows. We walked along a small stream, walked under a (small) waterfall and even ate some plants; these were not as nice as the bacon we had at breakfast. One group went for a beautiful walk through the woods, enjoying the scenery; another group went for a not so beautiful walk through, what seemed to be, a swamp... can you guess which route Mr Armstrong and Mrs Ward took?

We made our own fire using flint and warmed water in our Kelly Kettles to make hot chocolate and then used the fire to melt our marshmallows. Some of us found making fire quite difficult but we all got there in the end. 

With the sun behind the clouds and the wind beginning to pick up we headed into the woods for our last activity of the day - shelter building. We all laughed and had fun building our creations, it was like an episode of 'Grand Designs'! Some of us used trees to support, some covered their's in leaves and others even made 'sofas' and 'beds' (apparently). We all shared our shelters and the sun came out for our walk back to the mini buses, down the steepest hill in the world.

We were all a little quieter on the bus back - we were begginning to feel a little bit tired now. We got back to East Barnby and had some 'free time' before dinner. Today's three course meal was;

Starter - Soup and Flat Bread
Main Course - Fish and Chips (and mushy peas!)
Dessert - Arctic Roll and Jelly!


We are currently writing our postcards home and enjoying the delights of the 'Tuck Shop' before having time in the common room and preparing for our journey home tomorrow. We have all had such a good day today and can't believe we are coming home tomorrow. We will definitely miss East Barnby!

Quotes of the Day

Martha - I really enjoyed the hot chocolate making, using the Kelly Kettles!
Lily G - I have really enjoyed East Barnby because I have tried new things like canoeing and walking under a waterfall.
Darcey - I liked the shelter building because it was fun to do. I most liked covering my shelter in leaves.
George M - It was really fun making the dens because there was a lot of teamwork need to lift the logs.
William - Today I really enjoyed the shelter building and I liked cooking the marshmallows over the Kelly Kettles.
Farley - Today we made hot chocolate and we built different shelters. It was really fun because I enjoyed spending times with my friends.
Riley - I enjoyed making the hot chocolates with the Kelly Kettles and building our dens. My favourite feature of my den was the different 'hatches' to get in and the camoflauge.
Sienna - Making the fire was so much fun. It was hard but we made a great fire in the end. The hot chocolate was really nice.


Friday 11th May

Today's Lesson - 'Together, everyone achieves more!'

Again, we all slept through until 7 (ish) and prepared for our last day at the centre. We showered, got changed and tidied our rooms for the last time - only this time we also had to pack our bags and strip the beds - this was much easier and quicker than making them!

Breakfast did not dissappoint with cereal, toast, sausages, scrambled egg and hash browns all being served (twice to Mr Armstrong). 

We split into our groups and prepared for our activities. As we were either climbing or skiing this morning, we only had a short walk to the warehouses to collect our boots, skis, helmets and harnesses.

Mrs Ward's group had a great time climbing the walls - it was a little more difficult than we first thought but we all had a good time, developing our team work and communication skills. Mr Armstrong's group had an amazing and hiliarious time on the 'slopes', learning how to jump, ski with only one foot, not fall over (...) and climb hills with skis. We all finished our morning with sledging down the slopes and had a fantastic time reflecting on the memories we have made in our short time at East Barnby!

We then packed up our things, checked in our waterproofs and wellies and set off for lunch in the canteen. After saying goodbye to the staff, following a short (really short) game of rounders, the bus arrived and we headed home...and tried not to fall asleep on the way home!

East Barnby has been an absolute blast! We have loved every second and we really wish we didn't have to go home...

Thank you East Barnby! Watch out Bewerley Park 2019!

Quotes of the Day -


We hope you have enjoyed reading our little 'blog' and we hope that it has given you an idea of the fun and the learning we have had! But as we are now home, I am sure you have heard about many other adventures that have been missed off this blog. Thank You.

Thank you to all of the pupils - From Mr Crocker, Mr Armstrong and Mrs Ward!
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