Carlton Miniott Primary Academy, Thirsk

Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Both myself and Mrs Baker would like to welcome you to Class 4 and to the year ahead of us! Like every year at Carlton Miniott Primary Academy – we are already planning trips, sporting events and plenty of exciting learning opportunities!

In Class 4 there is a huge push on becoming independent learners. The children are encouraged to constantly challenge themselves and take risks in their learning to ensure that they achieve their full potential. Through hard work, dedication and self-belief, I truly believe that every child has huge potential and that their short time in Year 4 is small stepping stone in achieving this.



We aim to change our library books once a week on Thursdays. Here our Class Librarians take charge and check our books in and out of our school library.

During the first Autumn Half Term, PE will be held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon’s where the focus will be on teamwork, personal challenge, invasion games (Dodging, interception, stamina and skill development), communication and problem solving.

Throughout the year we will be focussing on key spelling strategies to aid our independence in learning and using our ‘Read, Write, Inc’ books to develop a deeper understanding of key spelling features such as prefixes and suffixes. There will also be a weekly spelling test on a Friday, where we can assess the understanding of our focus strategies of the week.

There is also a highlighted focus on reading in Class 4, with a requirement of reading at least 3 times a week and recording this in our planners. To develop our reading comprehension skills, there will be two pieces of homework set a week; one being a focused comprehension, based on current events through the ‘First News’ newspaper articles; the other being a less formal approach where children will complete tasks to further demonstrate an understanding of texts by predicting what may happen in a text, summarising what has happened so far and designing questions about a given story.



In partnership with Class 3, we offer a wide and balanced curriculum on a two-year cycle. This year there will be a real drive on ensuring the children receive a broad experience across the curriculum.


This term we will be learning about the Stone Age. We will look at how we have evolved over time and how the early human civilisation survived.


We will be looking how special and sacred places whilst understanding the importance of these. We will discuss the need for respect, valuing other people’s beliefs and learning the importance of having different ideas to other people.


Cave Paintings! To combine our learning with our current ‘Topic’ theme, we will be learning about cave paintings and how they tell a story. We will be using charcoal to help us create our artwork.


Healthy Lifestyles will be our new topic for this half term. As well as physical health, their will also be a focus on metal and emotional health and how to ensure we are a completely ‘Healthy Leader’, not just in the physical sense.


To start the year, we will be developing our understanding of the basic skills required in Music; including playing instruments, singing and reading simple musical notes.


I look forward to continuing our work together in making sure your child feels safe, supported and makes the progress to achieve their full potential.

As you know, Carlton Miniott prides itself on having an open-door policy; should you have any concerns or wish to come and visit the classroom after school please contact the school office, or myself directly;


Thank you and here’s to a successful year ahead.


Mr Chris Armstrong and Mrs Baker