Carlton Miniott Primary Academy, Thirsk

Class 3

Welcome to Year Three.
Summer Term 

Easter to Half term. We will research and explore formal gardens such as Kew and visit the gardens at Beningbrough Hall near York.
Learning about these gardens will help us when we design and make our own mini formal garden, complete perhaps with a lily pad palm house, arboretum or oriental garden!

Our topic work links very closely with our Science theme. We will start to explore plants and what conditions they need to survive and grow. As a class we will learn about the different parts of the plant and the life cycle of a flowering plant.

We will also have our own go at growing and looking after our cress, bean, pea and pumpkin seeds to see these processes for ourselves.

In Literacy this half term we will be writing instructions, descriptive texts inspired by the Secret Garden story and explanation texts about the life cycle of a flowering plant.

Open classroom will be on Tuesday June 19th at 2:15 – 3:15.

Our class assembly will be on Wednesday July 4th at 3:00.

We hope you can attend.

PE this half term will be on Thursdays and Fridays. Please can children bring their kit ready in a named drawstring bag. The PE kit will be sent home on Friday.  


Homework Arrangements

Every Monday, children will be tested on any 6 of the 14 given spellings we have been learning during the week. The new spellings will also be sent home to practise on a Monday.

Children will have the new spellings in their blue spelling book. You can see their tests and their marks at the back of their spelling books.

In order to support the children’s reading, we ask children to read at least three times a week and record this in their planner. Three signatures in the children’s planner, earns them a gotcha and the chance to choose a book in the weekly draw. 

Fortnightly on Fridays, during their maths lessons, children do a ‘Big Maths Beat That Learn Its’  and 'CLIC' tests. This has been set as a homework task on a Friday for children to complete and practise in order to beat their previous score in the following week’s test. 
Children will be let know if they have improved from their previous score through the Marvelous Me App. 

Spring Term 

Half term to Easter Class 3's topic was Incredible Inventions. We explored how technology has changed through time.

In Litracy we wrote information pages about the invention we had chosen and researched. We also studied the Space Race and wrote newspaper reports about the American Moon Landing, these we typed up and presented using computers. Finally in Literacy we wrote sci-fi narratives about an adventure to Tomorrowland. these were very futuristic and exciting pieces of writing.

This half term's Science topic was sound.
We studied how the ear lets us hear, how sounds travels through different mediums and conducted enquiries to find patterns between volume, pitch and the object that produced the sounds. 

Our school trip this half term was closley linked to our topic lessons. We met at Thirsk Station to catch the train to York, and then walked on to the Railway Museum. We had the opportunity to see, and learn about, Major Tim Peak’s space capsule and discover how transport, trains in particular,  have changed through time.

Christmas to half term we focused on using Rudyard Kipling’s  story The Jungle Book to inspire our learning.

In Literacy we wrote diaries in the role of Mowgli and his adventures with his animal friends in the jungle. We moved on to letter writing and wrote as young Rudyard Kipling sending a letter home to his mother in India.

Our work has been displayed near reception. 

 Our Jungle Book theme also linked to our History and Geography topics this half term. We looked at the location and culture of India where The Jungle Book is set and at the life of Rudyard Kipling himself. 

In Science for the first half term we looked at light and shadow. We covered; where light comes from and why we need it to see, what a reflection is and how they are formed, how shadows are made and used our enquiry skills to investigate patterns in shadow size.


Autumn Term.

Half Term to Christmas we covered the topic  'Lights Camera Action'.
We put on our Christmas production The Wind in the Willows.

Our Literacy was linked to the story of Wind in the Willows. We wrote our own play scripts and practised using direct speech from this. 
Nearer Chritsmas we again used the story as a stimulus to practise using a variety of sentence openers in our own narratives as well as adding descriptions of characters and settings. 

In Science we focused on using our investigation skills and conducted several season related inquiries. We started by identifying and classifying Autumn leaves and seeds then move on to conducting a fair test into thermal insulators. 



September till Half Term have covered the topic 'Up your street' where we  investigated our local history. 

We started by using photographs to study what Thirsk used to be like years ago. On our school trip (September 25th) we walked the ‘Past and Present walk’ in Thirsk and Sowerby, looking at historic sites such as Thirsk Castle, Pudding Pie Hill and Mill Gate. We finished our topic exploring the history of our school, using lots of artefacts such as the old log books and learn about what a Victorian school day would be like.  

Our Literacy was strongly linked with our local history topic. The children wrote persuasive pieces of writing for Thirsk Tourist Information to encourage people to come and visit. We also read James Herriot’s Stories and focused on the amazing vocabulary he used when describing characters and settings.

In Science we looked at the digestive system. (Which involved a very hands on experience!) The children  also learnt about teeth and identifying that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition.