Carlton Miniott Primary School, Thirsk

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!
Autumn Term 2017

 We are very excited about a new year in Class 2.  We are looking forward to lots of learning, hatching chicks and investigating old toys.

We are reading a range of texts in English, starting with those set in familiar places.  We will be looking at how stories are structured and writing our own.  We will also be investigating non-fiction, focussing on labels, captions and lists.  We will be writing instructions for looking after the chicks.  We will be working hard on our spellings - please help us to learn them and use them in our writing.  Handwriting is also important and we will be starting to join our letters.

 Our maths learning starts with counting and ordering numbers.  We will develop our understanding of place value.  Each week we will apply our skills to a Big Problem.  We will learn to articulate our ideas and our answers.  We will be practising our Learn Its and develop our mental maths against the clock!!

Our topic is In My Day.  We are learning about old toys and how life was in the past.  We will be visiting Preston Park Museum and handling some old toys.  We will be interviewing our grandparents, and finding out about school in the olden days.  Our Science learning is focussed on Animals including Humans.  We will be finding out about baby animals and baby humans.   On Muddy Mondays we are exploring our outdoor area, so wellies will be needed.

Dates for your Diary
Key dates and important information are always sent out via the school newsletter, but here is a date for Class 2 parents.

Wednesday 6th December - Open Classroom 

Homework Arrangements
We currently bring home seven spellings per week, but it would be very helpful if you could encourage us to apply our new spelling rule to other words as well.  This will help us to use our spelling knowledge more naturally in our writing.

We are also using Abacus maths games as homework.  
(If Internet access is difficult at home, provision can be made at school for these games to be completed.)