Carlton Miniott Primary Academy, Thirsk
School closes at 2.30pm on Friday 20th July.

Class 1

                                       Welcome to Class 1
If you have any questions please see me on the playground before or after school.

You can also email me:eclyne

Spring Term

Our topic this half term has been all about food and growing. -'From farm to fork'


The topic this half term is ‘From farm to fork’. This topic will be incorporated into the children’s science, D&T, geography, history and art. This is a really fun and exciting topic that is really practical and hands on. I have lots of fun activities planned including planting and baking.


The children have really enjoyed their time in the outdoor area last term and this will continue this term. The children will be learning about maps for Geography and growing and planting for Science.


Our topic this half term is 'In My Day'.

Thank you to all the parents who came to share the morning with us at our open classroom. The children loved exploring the library and sharing some stories with the grown-ups. 


The children enjoined getting to meet and compete against other schools at the annual Fun Run. All the children did amazing in the races. A special mention to Lara, Henry Lawson, Ella, Aimee and Seb who all came away with medals for being in the top three in their races.  

Welcome to Class 1Save